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John Carter online resources

This is the best one I have found.

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Tx Rick88, great art and inspirations :slight_smile:

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First several novels are up on

Princess of Mars
Gods of Mars
Warlord of Mars
Thuvia, Maiden of Mars
Chessmen of Mars

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There is also barsoom dot fandom dot com which looks a bit less than something from the 90s. :smiley:

I kind of like the early style websites. :smile:
Reminds me of the Ole’ beginning rpg sites of yesteryear.

I agree AdamKnight. I don’t mind the old style. John Carter is an old story, but www(dot)johncarterofmars(dot)ca/ has a depth and creation-history that far exceeds more wiki-esque sites. The speculative articles, amazing maps (I use a far more detailed map of Barsoom, which includes a superb gazette, I discovered on that particular site in place of the Modiphius game map), stimulating drawings, access to the full Carter saga, shocking and odd comics, as well as references to outside sources, have all added an ambiance to my game it would be without otherwise. Another plus for me is that for all its dated look, the site isn’t plagued by the pop-up ads which I am forced to put up with each and every time I change pages on other sites. If it sounds like I’m nerding out here…well…yes. Yes I am! LOL! It’s a great site, and I’ve enjoyed many an hour there (and on the other ERB sites it portals to). Next too the game books and the novels themselves, it’s the place I go for game inspiration.
Cheers and YBMV!