Items in a Settlement campaign - how to?

We started a settlement after our last game and - with the provided Maintenance Shack - held on to a Laser Rifle found during the game.
Now, I understand that each Shack you have in your settlement allows you to retain an item or two Boost cards from the previous game while each Store you have allows you to use the same number of cards to build your force for the next game.

The question I have is: Does the Laser Rifle item card we have mean I can equip a single mini with that weapon for the next game? Or does it mean I have access to laser rifles for the next game, so could for example equip 3 Settlers with a laser rifle each (provided I pay the caps cost, of course)?

Granted I don’t have my copy yet. But from what I’ve seen in other posts, you have access to that one laser rifle, and that’s it. With additional shacks you could hang on to multiple rifles, or a mixture of items.

I’m sure someone will come along and confirm or deny this, with excerpts from the rule book to back it up.

It gives you access to equip one unit with a laser rifle. A unit can be a unique character or 5 settlers that are all equipped the same. But you have to pay the caps for each model in a unit equipped with the laser rifle.

Pg. 24 of the Campaign Handbook.

In addition, the player may equip units with any of the Item cards they selected from their pool during Step 3 . The number of models in the unit does not matter (although the value of the items must still be calculated for each model when calculating the force’s total value).

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Aha, that clears it up. Thanks!