Intimidate talent

In Conan the Thief on pg. 17 the Intimidate talent reads:
You can use your physical presence or carefully chosen words (or both) to compel obedience from others, whether through the threat of violence or social humiliation. Whenever making an appropriate Social test under these conditions, you generate 1 automatic success.

Am I to assume Modiphius means any test in a social context or are they referring to Society specifically (due to capitalisation of “Social” and their shoddy proofreading)?

Difficult to say since sometimes “old” names for things slip through the proofreading cracks. I think “Social” might be an old name for “Personality” (the attribute). “Society” does not make much sense since it is a talent in the Persuade tree and the Persuade skill is used to intimidate, compel, etc.

Command, Counsel, Persuade and Society are all contenders for this skill (See Social Field of Expertise page 307 Conan). Basically if your putting the hard word down and going “Chopper Reid” you get the success for any test the GM feels is suitable.


Okay thanks, it’s social with a small ‘s’ then.