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In Memoriam - Modiphius-SteveH

Earlier this week we received news about the passing of one of our own - Steve Hanson, also known as Modiphius-SteveH on the Forums.

Steve has been an intergral part of the Modiphius family from its early days of Actung Cthulthu. Starting off as a fan, and slowly growing into our community queries manager, Steve had his eyes and ears in our growing fandom, eager to field questions and give feedback to both sides, good or ill. On all our forums, he was ready to help with queries, and direct lost customers to the right people who could set them on the right path. It was through his actions that we have managed to build a community to begin with and his passing has come to a shock to us all.

We would like to give our condolences to his wife, his family, his child Miko, and his closest friends. We will miss you Steve.


He was always helpful on the boards and his balanced view will be sorely missed in many a thread.

If he didn’t know the answer he knew who you needed to contact.

Thoughts for his family and I’ll raise a glass at the weekend.


I’m so sorry to read that. For the colleagues who knew him on a more personal level and his friends and family outwith the company, this must be devastating. I hope everyone finds a way to cope while cherishing his memory.

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Sorry to read this - he always tried to help, no matter how obscure the query.

Thoughts for his family, friends, and colleagues.

My sincere condolences! It saddens me to hear this. :sob:

Oh noo!
That is so sad to hear. Also my condolences to you all!

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