How to Handle Players Claiming Your Encounters Are Too Easy


I’ve seen this circulating the internet a couple of times… and I approve.


I’m glad people are enjoying it. The reddit sub I first posted it on was Trek related, as opposed to gaming specific, so I wasn’t sure how well it would land, but it seems to have gone over well enough.

Now I’m keeping an eye out for more scenes I can give a bit of an STA twist to.

Cute. I think an additional line of dialogue by Martok would help it:
Sisko: “It’s just one ship.”
Martok: “Really?”
then the scene change to the others decloaking… (and a few Momentum tokens flashing for each ship decloaking…)

Also, the Borg Cube is bigger…

My first reation to the title was “Make certain you spend your threat and watch their die-rolls for 20’s”

If your players want more of a challenge, I encourage you to look up “Borg Invasion of 2381”. Shouldn’t be too hard to modify into a campaign.

New Directive:

@PiercedMonk My players made short work of a borg sphere by willingly spending threat aplenty. The number of PCs is vital - if they’re as many as the scale of the target, it tips heavily in the PC’s favor, since PC ships get PC turns/round, while NPC Ships get Scale/round.

But Borg ships explicitly get as many turna as the PCs get. It’s in their special rules. Unless it’s only for the Cubes.

Either way, in the Invasion of 2381, the Borg send about 3000 Ships (mostly Spheres and a LOT of Cubes).

6 PCs vs 7 borg turns, and the PCs averaged 14 TN in field vs the borg’s 15, but I can only spend threat so fast… and they very early on got good hits; the sphere lacks the collossal spl.
Throw in some Determination spends, and first shot, and the situation becomes pretty one sided. Plus player talents and decorations giving rerolls.

A lucky fist shot with torps doing 3 breaches (took out the shields, did more than 5 to shields, and the torp’s High Yield) doing engine damage thrice … the next time, they called the bloody shot for same.