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How much Threat to begin?

Just needed a clarification:
I noticed that in the Threat chapter (pg 155) it states that a Gamemaster starts with 2 Threat per player in one portion of the book, but in the House Creation section (pg87), Threat per player is determined by the House size.

Is 2 the default which is then added to by the House size or is this a minor typo?

Sorry if you’ve already covered this previously, I was not able to find it when I searched the archive.
Thanks in advance for the help!

There is a sort of typo there.
2/player is the general baseline, which is why its still there.
You might use that if you are not playing as a House and doing spice smugglers or any other type of campaign.

But if you are playing as agents of a House the starting threat should always be determined by that.