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How do you handle the scene transitions?

I still have to GM my first game, but as I read the rules, I wonder how I am supposed to present a new scene to my players. Do I simply say “new scene” and remove a momentum ? It seems to cut the flow of the game this way. But everything I think about might be to “stealthy” and my players might not notice it, therefore not use their talents accordingly.
What are your advices on this issue, and did you do on your side ?

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My scenes have tended to be fairly fluid but in general I count a new scene as when there has been a chunk of time skip.
The exact amount of time varies but generally it will come about that the players have shifted locations and/or had things happen off screen.

For announcing to the players I do generally use words to the effect of “OK, new scene.” :grin: But as I have mentioned elsewhere my group uses a lot of TV show references so the distortion isn’t as bad.

It shouldn’t cut into the game too much as your scene changes are natural breaks in the flow. If it feels like it would break immersion then maybe the scene is actually still ongoing and don’t remove the Momentum.

It is very much an art and will change depending on your GMing style and group.

Thank you. I think it forces me to do everything in a cinematic way, while I’d like to bring more of a story’s atmosphere. I’ll try different things.

I think its part of the nature of gaming that you have to say things that occasionally break the narrative, even just to ask people to roll dice or check details on their character sheets. But its fair to try and avoid that wherever possible.

I’d argue that you can just take a Momentum off the pile without saying anything.
Its usually clear when a scene ends anyway so the players will know what you are doing.
This also assumes there is any Momentum there anyway, as plenty of times the scene may have caused them to spend it all anyway.