House Upkeep - Resource Tracker, Maps and Practical Tools

House Upkeep Tracker per the Houses of the Landsraad Book. I am not the best at formatting, so let me know if you have any ideas how to improve. Would love to build some community resources.

Maps - Random designs. Open to suggestions here. I have decent editing software if anyone has specific ideas.
Map Package 2024.03.10.pdf (3.8 MB)


Nice work!

I liked a lot the Conflict: Duel idea.

Updated the duel conflict per a recent play test. Might not have worked out all the bugs, but this was pretty solid in practice with my group. Still went pretty quick due to their DECISIVE ACTION talent, but i think it shows promise.
Duel Kanly - Complex Duel Conflict - v3.pdf (1.1 MB)

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Created an espionage conflict based on Agents of dune. A PC used the fact that they knew the Harkonnen’s had a secret spice stash, and this is an effort to gain that information and utilize it over multiple weeks. Also has possible intrigue, skirmish, or duel conflict built in.

Carthag Spice Cache - Espionage Conflict - 2024.3.21.pdf (6.5 MB)