Hook swords and Urumi in CtW

Hook swords and Urumi in Conan the Wanderer both have two different Reach values, listed in separate columns - which is a cause for some confusion - but I wonder how the two separate values come into play.

Is the reach value for these weapons simply chosen by the player at the beginning of each turn?

From Benn
Hook swords have the option (chosen by player) of reach 2 or 3 if used as a pair. The urumi is a nightmare and is essentially reach 2 and 3 concurrently. In general where a weapon hsa 2 reaches its which ever is most beneficial. The GM can choose to require a PC to pick one,but thats thier option.

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Thanks for the reply and clarification.

I like these sorts of solutions, but they are not intuitive (yet), nor clear from the sourcebooks.

Looking at the Hook Swords again, and the Wind and Fire Wheels, they have the paired quality. I cannot find this in the corebook, nor covered in Wanderer (I guess it could be in some other sourcebook that I haven’t looked in for a while), but I believe - based on the formatting - that it gains the qualities in parenthesis when wielding two of these simultaneously.