Histories of the Empire Volume 1 content

The description says: Included are Heroes, Followers and Adversary cards that can be used as allies or enemies in your struggle for dominance.

I cannot find any more information about that.
Are those physical cards or are they just printed in the book?

They’re physical cards, included in the core set. There’s also chapter 1,2 and 3 cards available now. This game sells the cards and rules separately from the miniatures so that you can use whatever minis you want.

The cards with histories of the empire are just printed in the book, but they are included as actual cards in chapter 3.

Can you clarify what you mean here please? My history of the empires cards all came with chapter 1 cards, as it’s the same chapter.

The only new cards that came with my histories of the empire book were the Hold Guard units. Which were on page to be photocopied and printed. The cards it references in terms of units to use in recommended forces are all wave 1 cards, apart from said hold guard cards.

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Histories of the Empire Vol 1 includes cards for Hold Guards printed in the book. The same Hold Guard cards are included in the Chapter 3 card pack.

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