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Fli(er) by night!


Been reminded about a topic just now: are martian fliers capable of night flight? Any instances in the fiction? Did I miss my Reason plus Cunning check?


I don’t have a source to quote offhand, but I’m pretty sure there is at least one book where John Carter (or other lead) is flying at night. In the morning he wakes up to find himself in the wrong place.

Might be Carthoris…. maybe in the book where he describes the new GPS system that he invented but got sabotaged before he left? I have a vague memory of this.

In any case, fliers aren’t propelled by sunlight as far as I can tell. Buoyancy tanks keep it up, propellers make it move forward.


There are multiple references to flyers up and about at night. In The Gods of Mars, John Carter mets his future friend Xodar aboard a flyer at night, and the reference finarvyn refers to is in Thuvia Maid of Mars chapter 3.

Finarvyn is also right that flyers aren’t sun dependent but gain elevation via the Eighth Ray, or buoyancy ray which is distilled from any light source and stored in tanks on a flyer.

Cheers and YBMV!


Thank you all, studious barsoomian scholars!