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Fiction for Mindjammer Inspiration

I thought that it might be a good idea to start a thread where we can recommend works of fiction that Mindjammer gamers might find useful and inspiring. Not all will be a perfect fit of course. While I know there are many more than this I will only recommend books I have read. hopefully others can add in their recommendations.

Ian M. Banks

Culture Series:
Consider Phlebas
Player of Games
Use of Weapons
Look to Windward
Surface Detail
The Hydrogen Sonata

Non-Culture books:
The Algebraist
Against a Dark Background

Banks’ other SF books (e.g. Feersum Indjinn, Inversions), though good have less to offer.

Neal Asher

Gridlinked. This is the only one of his books I have read. (Finished it recently.) But it seems that most of his other works definitely belong here.

That ends my list.

Peter F. Hamilton - The Night’s Dawn Trilogy, The Commonwealth Saga
William C. Dietz - Legion of the Damned
David Drake - Redliners