Fallout Friday - November wrap up


Our first #FalloutFriday has come and gone, so its time to reveal who caught my eye and gets some tasty store credit.

Remember, the next #FalloutFriday scenario (Vestiges Resurgent) is live on the webstore as a free download and I hope to see everyone’s efforts on December 11th.

Thanks to everyone who took part this month and let’s see even more from the community for the next one.


I won? I won! Thank you so much! I’ll contact you right now!


Where do we post for the next fallout friday?

It should be this thread:

No idea why it’s closed now though. That’s odd.

I’ll start a new thread each month, so December will be #FalloutFriday 2, I’ll set it up now so folks can start sharing, with Friday 11th December being the next day of judgement…