Exploration Percentage?

Any idea, what the exploration percentage (EP) of the various eras are?
With exploration percentage I mean how much of the different systems of a specific region (in this case Alpha and Beta quadrant) are known.
For example according to the W40K background the Empire of Man possess more then one million worlds, but still at least 75% of all star systems in the galaxy had to be classified as “Unknown” or “Unexplored”, so the exploration percentage of the Empire would be approximately 25%.
When Archer starts with the NX-01, I would assume the EP would be somewhere between 0% and 5% of Alpha (depending how much info the Vulcans really give).
During TOS it would/should be still pretty low, unless the intro wouldn’t make much sense.
But how is it during TNG?

Stars outside nebulae?
Pretty much every star within the alpha or beta quadrant is located unless it’s in a nebula or in a close cluster, or past such.
Most Brown dwarfs are also located, probably 95% of those associated with star systems, and at least 50% of cool BD’s (stellar class Y) not associated with star systems.
Presence of smaller worlds extremely likely to unlikely depending upon size - figure, 200 years of continued effort and multi-light-year baseline interferometry…
I figure that, within the range delimited by 1/3 the distance to Qonos from Earth, 100% of worlds have been at least determined to the planetary type-code. Inverse square from there.

Anything within 50 LY of the founding worlds is likely to have every body over 100 km mapped to 10cm resolution… and everything a man can readily walk upon walked upon.

I figure type is known on about 90% of worlds with diameters above 10,000. km within that same radius from earth (1/3 Qonos distance), inverse square for distance and for size. (easier to identify the type on bigger worlds.)

Actually visited? maybe 10% of Class L M and N (panthalassic/world-ocean habitable) worlds.

These are, however, SWAGs…

The EP only covered systems

  • where planetary maps exist
  • it is known, if an outpost/colony/starbase would be make sense
  • system danger cartographed (correct word?)

This means mostly the system has to be at least once visited by an explorer.

So you guess that approximately 10% of systems with potential habitable worlds already explored during TNG?
Or that 10% of all potential habitable worlds were located?

Shackleton Expanse excepted: STA Core Rulebook and Beta Quadrant expansion mention that very few systems and planets within this region have been discovered or explored…

I was thinking TOS era, but yeah, pretty much, inside the borders, in TOS, I expect less than 10% of classes L (argon marginally habitable), M (Nitrogen habitable), and N (nitrogen or argon panthalassic) are going to be mapped outside the 50 LY range from the core worlds.

Just too many. Most systems are going to get the “is it worth coming back for another look?” scan from outside the system, and if it is, and time allows, then detailed more.

As is, we’ve detected bodies around worlds more than 50 LY away by multiple methods. We’ve even gotten direct visual imaging of a dozen or more already. (Mind, they’re 1 pixel to 2 pixels across on the images, so it’s not a very good image.) By 2200, it’s likely that the 50 LY space is going to be super well known.

TNG era, I’d double all the ranges…

So could the crew even in TNG stumble into a system and detect an unknown civilization on an unknown Class M planet!?
Cool, this gives even more story hooks!

A potentially interesting point of reference : Elite Dangerous is a PC/video game that’s been out a few years. It features a realistically sized Milky Way, and has FTL travel that’s generally faster than Star Trek. Exploration is also much faster than Star Trek.

If you treat the players as a “Starfleet” of let’s say 4000 ships (steam charts, excludes non-Steam pc players, consoles), and guesstimate that the Ed players are 10x faster than Star Trek that means “40 trek years” have passed in 4 ED years.

In that time, we’ve explored 0.036% of the galaxy. That’s all, no typo.

The galaxy is immense.

Also highly recommended ED and its rpg brother ED RPG which I think Modiphius is helping to distribute.

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Thank you, guys

We see them do so in a few episodes…

Ok, one of those was cloaked…

Entirely off-topic, but I just started playing that :slight_smile: . For some reason, I’m graduating towards the Federation…

Gotta visit Sol!

I prefer the imperial ships over federal, but really, the Cobra MK.III is perfection.

Still offtopic:
Is this game somehow related to the old PC game “Elite” (single-star-ship-shooting-exploration-and-trading-simulation)?

Yes, it’s the latest in the series.

Rebooted about 3 years via Kickstarter with even more simulation-y goodness!

@Hunting_Phoenix: I’m in a Mk III right now - brings back the old feels (I played on a BBC Model B around 1989)…

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