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Evading Missiles

After getting the Paradiso sourcebook I got to take a look at the much expected missiles system, picture for reference:

Reading this, the Fuel quality seems to be about the amount of turns a missile can spend in the air, meaning that if you can keep it at bay for that amount of turns you’re good. This brings up several questions: since the roll to evade seems to be a fixed difficulty do you have to roll to hit? is it still a face to face roll, as implied by the word “reaction”? I honestly have no idea.
Next question is one of missile range. In no place it’s stated how fast missiles move. Missile Tubes are noted down as having range L, so I assume missiles can move at least 3 zones in one turn (to hit something at their effective range the same turn they’re fired), but it stands to reason that they move much faster. In the Missile Tube description they say:
“These one-shot
weapons cannot normally use Reloads and are
designed to operate at ranges beyond those of
normal combat zones, such as from orbit”

So one can only assume missiles can be in transit for a while before they hit their target. Does anyone have any answers to any of my questions?

Not a rules answer, just an answer from my day-job.
Typical anti-aircraft missiles have an acceleration of 100g linear, and about 60g laterally. They are VERY agile in regard of maneuverability.
Short-range missiles with about 50km range have fuel usually for less than 30 seconds, after which they are set to self-destruct.

Airforce pilots actually are trained to avoid or “dodge” such missiles.

So I see the Infinity rule of missiles continually “attacking” as long as their fuel lasts as a decent simulation.
A missile is as long a danger to an aircraft, as this aircraft was Marked (as in the Condition “Marked”).
The Marked condition is essential for targetting weapons like missiles with the Guided Quality.

Interestingly, the Infinity rules are quite unclear and not helpful at all in describing HOW one would actually apply the Marked condition onto a target (outside of Infowar hacking, which is a different animal altogether from locking an anti-aircraft missile on a target).

An to add to the confusion: the missiles in Spacecombat use totally different rules from the missiles in Aireal Combat.

So the (non-spacecraft) missiles in the Paradiso source book use the rules for aircraft and anti-aircraft weapons.
The missiles for spacecraft have their own, distinct rules.

It also occurs that on the turn it is fired we know the dice pool for the attack and we know of any bonus momentum generated, after that though does the firer really have any effect on the missile unless they are also remote piloting it?

i think it really depends on your use case for missiles. you might find the GM guide section on aircraft pursuits helpful if you’re using SAM or AAM, probably the simplified pursuit track, rather than trying to devise relative speed/range/zones per round of missiles versus aircraft. once the launcher determine a successful targeting solution, put it on your players to evade using the skill test with equal speeds and max rounds based on missile fuel, with skill checks of D0 for the missiles, D2 for the players.

if you’re using bunker busters, i would probably use that in conjunction with a task the players need to complete in the bunker, e.g. a complex skill test to get a mcguffin or remove an obstacle. just set the number of rounds they have and the necessary momentum and let the dice decide which happens first.

in terms of use, i would still have players and NPCs roll a “to hit” dice, especially against moving targets, either using ballistics or another relevant skill. rather than aiming and pulling a trigger, i would frame it as using whatever equipment–laser sights and whatnot–to get a lock on the target. fail the roll and you don’t get a firing solution. pass and the missiles are something to be dodged or outrun via reactions rather than something that continuously requires success to hit.

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