Enlisted diplomatic personal?

Maybe I had overlooked it, but to which division belong diplomatic skilled enlisted. I mean especially trained Ordinances and Stewards during diplomatic missions?
I don’t think, that the Starfleet would use any enlisted for such tasks, because of the delicately of such tasks?

Diplomatic personnel in Starfleet (as opposed to those working for the wider Federation) are Command division. I would expect - for reasons of chain of command and operational authority - that the majority of such diplomatic personnel would be officers (either graduates of the academy, or civilian diplomats given a commission to work within Starfleet).

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I agree with people like Ambassador Spock and like, but was is with a possible secretariat or clerks?
Command Ensign?

Yes. I would say, Starfleet personnel on ‘diplomatic’ posts wear red, from casino-ordinance over adjutants to diplomats and ambassadors. I think this particular division would be kind of officer-heavy for the reasons Modiphius-Nathan already stated.

When I think of enlisted personnel, the people doing administrative background-stuff come to my mind, like the secretaries or clerks you mentioned. But every junior officer, from ensign to senior Lieutenant would fit that role, too, depending on the importance and size of the respective mission.

Another possible division would be Operations division. Security. Obvious reasons. But they could also wear red to blend in instead of shining out as bodyguards and spies already with the colour of their uniform.

Thanks you both.
So a diplomatic starbase would be heavy on ‘Red-shirts’ officers with a great number of ‘Gold-shirts’, and very few Blues, which would be most likely Medical, even less Science?

And theoretical it could also be used as command post for fleet operations during a war?

I think so. But in the end, every combination is possible.

Think of a mission with the primary purpose of technology transfer and research cooperation. The range could go from ‘more scientists than usual’ to even ‘more blue than everything else’. Or think of a mission supervising arms control treaties, there would probably a lot of engineers and scientists, providing the diplomats with factual background and reports. A mission comparable to contemporary ‘blue helmet’ UN missions would be particularly gold-heavy, and so on…

Just pick the colours that fit your adventure best. :slight_smile:

Concerning your edit: I think that depends on where the station is and what the relations were before and what they are during the war. A diplomatic outpost near the Federation border? Post a few starships there and upgrade defensive systems and you have your command post. A station deep within neutral or even hostile territory? Not so much.

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Comms and Linguists would be Support Services (which is part of Engineering & Support Services in TOS era). Administrative technicians are also in said department, as are historians.

We do see command green on Ambassador Fox… but not a Starfleet uniform.

Likewise, in TNG, the diplomatic personnel we see are civillians. Keh’lar, Riva, Sarek (TOS & TNG),

Now, we see several other differences between TOS and TNG/DS9/Voy era…
JAG are Support Services in TOS (Areel Shaw).

So, the game’s artifice isn’t entirely consistent with filmed show.

In TOS, diplomatic enlisted would be red shirts but Command being their high Discipline, IMO.

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I mostly agree, but don’t forget that anthropologists, linguists, and other social scientists would be Sciences Division, and would have good reasons to be stationed at a diplomatic base as expert advisors. So would any sciences personnel with specialties that are connected to topics of negotiation.


Junior officers need experience, too. They could be aides or junior members of a delegation. Less vital aspects of a negotiation could be handled by lower ranked diplomats, assuming it would not offend, of course. Not all diplomats in present day Foreign Service posts are full Ambassadors, after all.

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