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Drive question - always used

I’m almost sure about this, just asking for a double-check.
You target number for all tests always includes your Drive value, right?
I mean whether the drive statement agrees with the current action or clashing with your action, and whether you comply with the clashing statement or challenge your drive, or whether you use a drive without statement - does not matter, the chosen Drive value will always be added to your Skill value for target number.

Just asking because in some specific cases, it is re-emphasised in the book (e.g. p.146 - ‘If
you challenge the drive, you can use it in the skill test’), but in other cases, it is not repeated.

I see one semi-exception: the wording mentions that if your dirve statement clashes with your actions, and you comply with your drive, you gain an immediate complication - ‘which could include being unable to carry out the action’. So, in some cases, you may skip the test altogether and fail with the planned action, but at least you gained a Determinaton.

Is this how you understand, too?

Yup, a target number is always made up of Drive + Skill.
If you challenge a drive or the like you might either be forced to use a different drive, give up on the action or take a complication to use the one you first went for, but the roll will still be Drive + Skill in the end.

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Perfect, thank you, Andy!