Currency & House Advancement

Two things here, first I know in the Dune universe they use the currency called Solaris. In the RPG I see that valuable assets are thing for the social encounters and such. But does not mention currency at all. So couple questions to this, do you use currency as a valuable asset? If so how do you measure it? Example: "my house can offer a large sum of Solaris for your ships. Or my house can offer a moderate sum of Solaris for Information on my rival house. " is that one way to do it? Also how do you determine how much currency does your house have?

Ok 2nd thing say you start your house as a minor house, but the players ambition is to climb up to great house status. When would this happen? Is that determined by the gm through story? Or is there a certain amount of missions or wealth the players have to achieve to get to Major House status, and so on. Curious to know how others might handle this. Let me know!

In terms of wealth, the actual finances of a character arn’t that important.
Most of what they own is provided by their House and anything they need for a mission can probably be provided.
Basically, they they are working for very wealthy people and buying something is more a case of convincing your boss you need it that seeing if you have the cash to buy it.

However, you might be part of a trade deal for your House. This would be a conflict using a ‘Wealth’ asset. The actual value of the wealth isn’t important, it is either enough to buy what you need or not. The conflict will be in trying to convince a merchant to take a better or worse price. Rather than coming away from such a deal with more or less money, you come away with more or less reputation in your House for how well you negotiated.

As to House management and growing your House we’ll be coming back to that in a later supplement.
For now, to be able to claim the status of the next level of House you will have to grow your domains. So it will mean not only starting new trade ventures, but making them successful on a galactic scale.
Of course, if your players are very eager, they might come up with a scheme to take control of another House’s holdings…


One of my players has the asset “personal accounts”.
She has used it for helping cover death benefits when she found embezzlement was removing them from some House workers. The asset let her to do so and so gained the trust of the people.
In this case it allowed her to make the roll as she was able to do something for them.
The value of this has never been quantified, it is sufficient for the purposes of the plot.

In the rumoured House management books there will probably be more on how to measure the wealth of a House and what you can so with it.
If the rest of the system is anything to go by it will still probably be fairly abstract.

These books will probably have details on how to climb the greasy pole from Nascent->Minor->Major->Great.

For me the Minor->Major has 2 key points.

  • Control of Atomics
  • Recognition by the Emperor/Landsraad
    Their economic size doesn’t seem as big an influence, it is only an extra secondary domain.

In my game both of these would be Roleplaying/plot elements.
You could either set them as the main plot or as something they did alongside it.
((Though my players did turn down the opportunity to acquire Atomics in my last session.))
Just seeing how your players would go about these objectives could be amazing.