Core assumptions of the world?

Some game rulebooks provide core assumtipns for the world. I usually print these and put them on my GM screen to help me maintain a consistent tone.

For example, the Forgotten Realms in D&D has the following.
• Gods Oversee the World
• Much of the World Is Untamed
• The World Is Ancient
• Conflict Shapes the World’s History
• The World Is Magical

The Primeval Thule campaign world (heavily inspired by the writings of Howard, Leiber, Burroughs, and Smith) has the following.
• Thule is Barbaric
• The Wilderness is Savage
• Cities are Wicked Places
• The World is Mysterious
• Magic is a Secret Man was Not Meant to Know
• Ancient Evils Threaten Mankind
• Freebooters, Mercenaries, Opportunists

What do you think would be core assumptions of Howard’s Hyboria?

I’m thinking that the ones the Primeval Thule authors use are a good fit, though I might also add “Humans are newcomers” to the list.

The ones for Thule work pretty well, really. The setting is a pretty decent D&D riff on Sword and Sorcery though it could stand to shake more D&D trappings.

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I would go for something like this:
•Hyboria is mostly civilized (with the exception of Nordheim, Hyrkania and the southern Black Kingdoms)
•The gods meddle in the affairs of mortals, evil gods do it much more than benevolent ones
•Cities are wicked places with danger but also opportunity
•The fantastical is more prevalent in the wilderness than in civilized places
•The majority of adventurers are shady types like mercenaries, thieves and the like