CONSTITUTION refit question

Is there a rule somewhere that states how many shuttles or such a ship can carry? Further, the CONSTITUTION refit section talks about how expanded the shuttle bay is - does that translate into more shuttles, and if so - how many? Also, only the Type F is available for the Lost Years, but there is a mention on Memory Alpha of a Type G. But the Type G is not in the rules nor in the Command book. I plan to use the Type 6 shuttle from the Command Division book, but make the crew add weapons and a shield system as part of their role play. Any comments or better ideas?

Core rulebook, page 233.

A Starship can support a number of active small craft equal to its Scale minus 1, at any one time. This number is doubled for ships with the Extensive Shuttlebays Talent, as they’re specially equipped to handle large quantities of auxiliary craft.

As for how many they can carry, look to the lore online or make it up for the purposes of your game. IIRC, the average Constitution-class starship carried four shuttles.


In “The Omega Glory” it is said that “all four” shuttles on the Exeter etc etc. Seems like a reasonable number for plot reasons anyway. Too many shuttles and it shifts the ship to something more like an aircraft carrier, which isn’t very Trek IMHO.

Type G could reference the Galileo type from Star Trek V. Might I point you to this excerpt from the Command Division Suplement page 68 in reference to the Type-F “It would be used in its original specifications until the 2280s when it underwent an extensive redesign and refit program, making them continue to resemble Starfleet’s design aesthetic and increasing its usefulness.”

Remember in my OP I cited Memory Alpha? The Type G is shown to be a redesign for The Motion Picture, but never seen on camera. It has limited warp capabilities, which fits with an Exploration ship, IMHO. So I think I’ll stick with that.

If that’s the case is was the shuttle mounted to the warp sled from TMP.

That was a Vulcan shuttle.

“The Vulcan shuttle is actually a Starfleet shuttle, co-designed with Vulcan engineers. That’s why it has subtle repetitions of that ceremonial ‘gong’ shape we saw in “Amok Time”. Anyway, my thinking was those new ships would have the same warm gray tonalities that the Galileo -type shuttles had and they would be the new standard shuttle. They would be more squat and smaller because they had to fit within the decks of the starships, but yeah, those were hopeful replacements. That long-range shuttle, though, is actually my favorite design in the movie.”

Andrew Probert

Long Range Shuttle Model

There are a few pictures of these shuttles in the Enterprise’s hangar floating around - mostly from Andy Probert’s concept art. They’re worth seeking out!

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