Conflict question: Multiple enemies

So say there is a conflict where my character is fighting two assassins. And Assassin A. Attacks me, me being my main character he has to do an extended task to defeat me, lets say my battle skill is 7. So He has to get the requirement of 7 to defeat me. He rolls two success(against difficult of 2)so he now has 2 on this imaginary track for my PC, my turn, try to attack and fail. Now it’s assassin B’s turn, if he is attacking me does his attack contribute to what assassin A has already done to the defeat requirement? Or is does Assassin B has his own track that he must fill starting from 0 to defeat my PC?

You should assume your character has one extended track all the enemies work on together. A good reason for multiple attackers being bad.
You can run it with each assassins needing their own track but its a lot more bookkeeping.

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That’s what I was thinking but couldn’t find any confirmation in the book. Thanks! :slight_smile: