Conan Roll20 Tile Sets Question

Are the Conan tile sets on Roll20 downloadable? The bundle of all 4 says it is in one part of the description and that it isn’t in another. The tiles separately in each description don’t give any indication if they are or aren’t.

Yes, I ordered them about a month ago as PDFs. I still need to convert them to a file type compatible to Roll20.

You can upload the pdf to your library and it will ask you which page you want. It will then strip it out for you.

I went and bought them separate on roll20 as I found out that they were downloadable. I bought all the set in PDF format awhile back but didn’t want to have to spend a few hours just stripping out the images from all the PDF files from the 4 sets.

I just saw the sets were out now for Fantasy Grounds. Ended up buying all of them for the FG.