Commonwealth Map Scale

I was wondering if anyone knew the scale of the map of the Commonwealth.

I just bought a map of East Massachusetts that I can use for comparison and editing.

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The FO4 map is actually 9,743 square miles

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Any idea about the scale, though? How many linear miles per inch? Thank you.

A quick assessment, on a Google Map, of the Boston area, shows that The Castle and Cambridge are about 5 miles from each other in straight-line distance. On the Boston City Skyline map, The Castle is about ten inches from the Cambridge Police Station.

If these things are true, then 1 inch (25mm) on the BOSTON CITY SKYLINE (BCS) map equals about 1/2 mile (.8 km) and the map measuring 10.5 inches x 8 inches is equivalent to 5.25 miles by 4 miles or roughly 21 square miles.

Based on the above referenced straight line distance between The Castle and Cambridge, assuming that Cambridge is the Cambridge Police Station on the BOSTON CITY ENVIRONS (BCE) map, then the scale of the BCE is 1 inch equals .66 miles (west to east the map would then measure about 5.4 miles “wide” and almost 7 miles from north to south).

Feel free to check my math.