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Cold & Dark or Stone Cold Dead?

I know the author of this game is now (or at least was until not long ago) working for a videogame company. But I recal a sourcebook (Infection Files or something similar) and a GM Screen being mentioned in the games’ Facebook page. I don’t remember if which state of production were those itmens, but I suppose some work was done. @Modiphius-Steve do you know if there is still hope for something new ever being published?

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@Modiphius-SteveH - Think you might be best placed to answer this?

Ooops, sorry, wrong Steve!

That’s ok - I blame our respective parents for not swapping notes before they named us both…

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I’m looking into it.

Being 59, I bet I had the name first.

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Thanks. I suppose this game wasn’t really a commercial success but I quite liked it. It would be a shame to be a dead IP.