Clarifying the Grappled Complication

When a Character is successful in a Melee Attack and chooses the “Grapple” option, the CRB states the following (p175): This places a Grappled Complication on the target, which will prevent them from taking any action other than trying to break free (Difficulty 2, Fitness + Security) than attacking the grappling character (which increases in Difficulty by 1).

While the wording is a little off (other than… than…), I take this to mean that during the grappled Character’s next Turn in the Combat, they are limited to one of two choices: Attempt the basic Task to break free (removing the Grappled Complication if successful) or performing a Melee Attack on the grappling character (with the increased difficulty on their Task in the Opposed Task).

Did I interpret that correctly?

Also, I assume that if the grappled character is successful in an attack against the grappling Character, that also removes the Grappled Complication. For example, after the grappled Character is successful, they could choose to Disengage or Shove (which obviously requires them to no longer be grappled). But what if they choose to Strike? Is the Grappled Complication removed? They could also choose to grapple the grappling Character (no matter how weird that is to say:). So either they would both be grappled or the original Grappled Complication would be removed and a new Grappled Complication would be placed on the defeated Character. Thoughts?

Finally, the CRB goes on to say: The grappling character gains one bonus Momentum on all melee attacks against the grappled character.

I interpret that to mean that if the grappling Character chooses to attack the grappled Character during their next Turn (obviously via a Melee Attack), and if they are successful in their Task, then they gain an extra Momentum (which could help the be the victor in the Opposed Task).

Again, did I interpret that all correctly? Any additional thoughts?

The typo is fixed in the Klingon book (pg. 172).

prevent them from taking any actions other than trying to break free (Difficulty 2, Fitness + Security) or attacking the grappling character

It is otherwise identical. So it seems that your first question about interpretation is correct.

The question of what happens when the person being held/grappled is successful against the person holding them would be up to GM/player interpretation, I think. Rules as written, it seems that the grapple continues regardless, unless an injury is inflicted that takes the person holding out of the fight.

I also interpret the extra momentum to only apply when the charcater doing the holding attacks.