Captains Log Solo: Help Doing Task?

How does helping someone work in the Solo game?

I create my PC. During a mission my PC is doing a TASK. I have an NPC from the ship helping me with the TASK.

In normal STA the helper rolls 1d20. Cannot seem to find how this would work in Solo.

You make it up, essentially. We streamlined the STA rules for CL and put the focus on your character. The crew and ship can continue to support your character and assist where needed, but there’s no mechanical element to it. Though your Momentum spend could be interpreted to be an assist from ship or crew.

Also, consult p. 201 on how to get NPC Crew involved. You can combine this with creating Advantages (which can be created when you need help, cf. p. 191, so this will be applicable to assist, I think) and use Crew as they were your Starship (cf. p. 169: Starships can generate Advantages). :slight_smile:

First, thank you for all the replies.

Let me give an example of what I am thinking.
My PC, the Captain, and the ship’s Chief Medical Officer are on a planet that causes quick aging.
As the Captain I task the Chief Medical Officer with finding a cure. My PC, the Captain, tries to help him.

It does not seem right, given that the characters are pretty much just STA characters, that the Captain’s help neither does help nor does it hinder.

I do like the idea of saying an advantage is created, but this does away with any chance that the Captain could royally mess things up and cause a problem.

For me I am Currently considering using the STA rules where the Captain would roll a single 1d20. If it is a 20…well he screwed things up.

Why not break it up into two tasks? First to find out whether the Captain can assist the Medical Officer. Success might provide the benefit of a Momentum spend. Failure may lead to a Complication. Then resolve the Medical Officer’s task accordingly.

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That is a very good idea. Thank you.