Capitan's Terrain Workshop

Hi everyone, with FWW I finally decided to start making terrain, some are DIY, some are old resin terrain I had in store for an eternity, some are “pimped” MDF kits.

Here’s what I’ve done for the moment.

Scatter terrain for Dump themed battlefield

Barricades and fortifications

Red Rocket billboard

F.E.V. factory/processing complex

Oil tanks

WIP Industrial building


Nice work, lots of inspiration to take from this!

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The aging on the metal is top notch! What did you use for the green vat? Is it some type of casting resin?

It is woodland scenics realistic water (acrylic resin).

Very nice job!

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A-Z Mart mdf kit from Antenocitis workshop, customized and weathered

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Walls and security barriers from Antenocitis workshop

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