Can you parry without guard?

I looked through past threads and dont see an answer. If a character loses Guard and is attacked can they take a defend reaction like Parry? I have read in the core book and doesnt come right out and say yes or no. Thanks.

Actually I see people have said you can without Guard. Is that how others see it?

Yes because the penalties for “lost guard” are described on page 123 and it just increase difficulty or bonus dice.


As Nub5 said, You can absolutely parry without guard. The two are not mutually exclusive. Not having guard can and will effect your chances for success with parry but it doesn’t outright stop you. This helps with those cinematic moments where the character with the spear loses their guard against the knife wielding bandit. Say the bandit gets inside on the character. He stabs upward at the spear wielder’s face. In a desperate attempt to avoid being skewered (meta wise, avoid the exploit attack and some serious damage) they spin, bringing their spear down and twisting in an attempt to foul up the attack, (1 doom for the parry, 2 momentum for disarm). Much to the bandit’s chagrin their blade is stopped, their arm nearly broken was the spear’s haft crashes into their wrist and they lose their weapon. Much more interesting than the spear wielder simply being screwed and taking all that damage. Should they have failed to parry the GM could spend the doom to add piercing to the dagger attack which would make the attack all the more deadly and tense.

Yes you can, for the reasons others have already stated.

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