Attaching files to a post?

Is there a way to attach files to a message? Like the functionality available in the vBulletin board.

There is a way. The upload button can be found whenever you reply or post a new message.

Now, the other question is what file format are you trying to upload, because not all file formats are supported.

Currently the forums allows JPGs, PNGs and GIFs. However if there is a reason to add other file formats that should be possible, as long as they are considered to be generally safe.

I wanted to share a .pdf with another user, this is the thread: Character Creation Worksheet?

Images are fine, but hardly useful if you want to share text and re-use it :slight_smile:

Arggghhh!!! PDFs! Of course!

Can we bluff this out and make it seem like we didn’t completely miss that one off the list?




Anyway, that’s added now - so you should be able to upload PDFs to a post.

Thanks for spotting that - have a Beta Tester badge as thanks! :bug:


You already have that badge.

You are clearly a Beta Testing Master.

And I clearly need coffee :coffee:

Awesome :smiley:

Thanks for the catch Valyr. PDFs can be quite useful.

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