Are there any stats for a Gug?

Are there any stats for the Lovecraftian Gug in the Conan books or any of the other 2d20 system books? I suspect they might be in Achtung Cthulhu!, but I don’t own any of these books. Thanks.

A!C stats won’t help you for Conan 2d20, as A!C stats are quite different, using a reduced and changed set of traits for PCs and NPCs.

Ok. Thanks. Looks like I will need to find a d20 version to convert.

You could take the Gug abilities from, for example, Call of Cthulhu, get an impression what they can do and what their strength and weaknesses are.
Then, I recommend, take the Conan source book “Horrors of the Hyborean Age”, where you find a “creature construction kit”, to build up a fitting representation of Gugs for Conan 2d20 rules.
I use this monster builder all the time.

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