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Any fairly trivial breaks from canon that make big differences to you?

I’m prepping to run a game and Ill divert from canon as nesscary but no more no less.

that said my personal head canon is the First Contact uniforms are starfleet’s “wartime varient” of the DS9/voyager uniform. make it harder for the enemy in the field to Identify command officers.

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Could you call the smooth Klingon justification a “forehead canon”?

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It seemsThat I forget one of the biggest changes: the main view screen on the bridge is one big window like it is shown in the Kelvin timeline movies, DIS and PIC. This makes much more sense than a huge flat 3D screen.

I think the big window is a terrible idea. Any windows without retractable/protractable bulkheads for reinforcement (especially in a critical area of the ship like the bridge) is just foolhardy.

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“It’s stuffy in here, ask Engineering to take a look at the environmental controls.”

“No it’s all right kyeptin, I just crack vindow.”


Starfleet Command is still investigating the incident.


the “view screen is a window” is something we first saw pop up in Nemisis IIRC. and yeah I think it’s silly. my head canon is that ships have a retractable bulk head on their bridge and thus the viewscreen can act like a window, but it also is a projection.

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As is the bridge being at an exposed location ike to top of the saucer section! As far as I know Star trek is the only franchise in which the bridge is exposed and has no window! In other franchises in which the bridge has no windows it is located deep in the bowels of the vessel.

You are forgetting the top mounted Bridgetower on the Star Destroyer, that also got some really big windows.
But yeah that is real stupid. That and the Necks and exposed nacelles that are struktural weaknesses. But at least they look pretty.

I totally agree with this. I get the explanations for how you can go from Wolf 359 to the huge Dominion War fleets, but I feel like the smaller fleets are more “Trek-like”. And also a lot easier to manage in gaming terms.

Also, considering that an individual starship even in TOS can wipe out an entire planetary civilization (remember “General Order 24” from “A Taste of Armageddon”), having thousand ship fleets seems like overkill.

Sorry, but @Section31 explained why this is not a problem.

Are you sure that Kirk wasn’t bluffing?

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Possible. But the ISS Enterprise in “Mirror, Mirror” was going to wipe out the Halkans from orbit and even granting that the Mirror Uniferse ship would likely be better armed than “our” Enterprise, it can’t be THAT much more powerful. And in TNG, “The Chase” one small Klingon ship does wipe out the entire biosphere of a planet onscreen.

Just because someone else doesn’t see it as a problem doesn’t mean that everyone will accept that view. That someone might not agree with the canon take (or any other rando’s take on it) is the entire point of the thread.

People participating in this thread are not randos. I don’t find that terminology very nice.


Oh, it’s a problem, alright.
Given the sheer size of the Federation, I could see 1,000 ships available, or even more, but if you called in that many you would be pulling ships from protecting the thousands of planets in the Federation leaving them completely defenseless.
Now, an enemy like the Borg, might warrant such a response, but we are talking about something that has never happened before in history.

And that’s exactly why it is not a problem.
Read @Section31’s entry again:

That’s more or less the same thing you wrote.

@HappyDaze and @starkllr believe that the fleets of the Dominion War were too huge, forgetting that the Federation knew for several years that this war was coming compared to both Borg incursions which both came as a total surprise. Knowing that sooner or later a war with another galactic superpower will come will eventually lead to the construction of new ships and even the reactivation of every servicable older ship.

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That’s my feeling too. I don’t mind a total fleet strength of 1,000 (or even more) ships, but late DS9 made it sound like fleet engagements of > 100 ships on a side were happening all the time (and often having horrific casualties).

I’d also like to know if there are any standards for what a Federation world keeps as a “system defense force” both in peacetime and in war. We often see on the shows that Federation worlds seem to have no in-system Starfleet vessels aside from the visiting cast’s ship. This seems ludicrous to me, and I’d think that most systems would keep at least a squadron or two of ships on hand for a mix of tactical operations and crisis and emergency response (to use this line’s mission profiles).

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They knew the Borg were coming too. They just didn’t know exactly where or when they would strike.

Alright, I’ll grant that!
I didn’t go all the way back up and reread everything.

BUT… The franchise is guilty of the “turning it up to 11 inflation”.
It seems like everybody has to out-do their predecessors and make theirs bigger and badder than anything before.

I think it’s worth bearing in mind that a lot of ‘starship stuff’ is going to be taking place waaaaay beyond naked-eye visible range. Having a viewscreen that can show you a ship millions of kilometers away, the faces of the people you’re talking to and tactical / navigational displays and the like seems more logical to me than having a window. As for the position of the bridge, I believe the intention is that the bridge module can be entirely swapped out to keep up with changes in C3 technology - much more difficult if it’s buried in the centre of the hull!

(with that said, the galaxy-class bridge does appear to have a window - it just points straight UP)

And this &^@# about starships drifting past each other like 500 year old sailing ships is ludicrous.
That was initially done primarily so the camera could linger on the beautiful detail the modelers had put into the ships.