Akira class bridge positions and roles?

What are appropriate bridge positions (and their roles) for an Akira class vessel?

In my opinion, that depends only on your group and players. Just assign the roles and positions as you see fit! If you want inspiration on how to group the different roles to stations/positions, see page 258 of the core rulebook. There, the layout of a ‘regular’ 24th century bridge is explained.

Judging by the time line, you will see the same bridge positions as seen in TNG+Films and/or VOY.

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In my home campaign, the group uses the following:

1st Officer
Flight Control/CAG
Optional - Medical/Ship Counselor

I guess the following should suffice:

2 Command
1 Conn
2 Tactical (Security 4+)
1 Operations

Add a position in Main Engineering and another in Sickbay and most should have something to do!

I use the TNG/Voyager bridge positions:

  • Captain (Commanding Officer template)
  • First Officer (Commanding Officer template)
  • Conn (Helm and Navigator template)
  • Ops (Communications and Internal Systems template)
  • Security/Tactical (Security Oversight and Tactical Systems template)
  • Science (Sensor Operations template)
  • Engineering (Internal Systems template)
  • Mission Ops (Communications and Sensor Operations template)
  • Counselor

Chief engineer and chief medical officer are not bridge positions and they only come to the bridge if necessary. The chief engineer can use the engineering console, taking over some tasks from ops. The chief medical officer can sometimes man the mission ops console, copying some tasks from ops and science, but only usable to monitor the mission.

The counselor position does not have any special tasks and mostly assists the officer in command.

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By my accounting, the TNG-era Security/Tactical position includes communications (Worf handles communications a lot of the time in TNG, and including intelligence, encryption, and information security as part of his role as Chief of Security makes sense - same with Tuvok in DS9), while Ops is Sensor Operations and Internal Systems (in part because Data fills the same narrative role as Spock did in TOS - providing scientific exposition).

For an Akira, which is likely to have a high Security rating, a second Tactical station is a useful option (the Defiant’s bridge has CO, Conn, Tactical 1, Tactical 2, Ops, and Science; it makes sense that other heavily-armed ships may have two Tactical stations).


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