Additional info about the astral realm


Is there any information in any of the supplement books about the astral realm that mentioned in the spell description of Astral Wandering?

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No. Astral Wandering, the actual Spell, is mentioned a few times in some source books (mainly The Book of Skelos, Nameless Cults and Ancient Ruins).
More information about the actual astral realm is not explicitly given.


I presumed that would be the case. I had searched through the Corebook and the Book of Skelos for the astral keyword without any relevant result, so I wondered whether the other supplements might contain some details about it.
So since no official description exists, how do you, the players, imagine /describe/use the astral realm?

Maybe this thread will help you get a better understanding of this spell: Astral Wandering: A narative description


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Thanks, but I already read this excellent post you linked. :slight_smile:
But I’m still curious what are the forum members’ narrative of the astral realm.