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2d20 Wheel of Time-hack?

So, I hope this is the right forum for topics such as this.

I am wondering about how to make a WoT-hack of 2d20, starting out with the Conan version.

All the basic stuff seems to slot in quite well. Everything, but the magic, or channelling.

Channelling should perhaps be only one skill, but I guess there should be a bunch of talents involved, for the various elements, as well as special talents; like spotting ta’veren, foresight, and all the other large and small abilities.

But two things are challenging me:

  1. Power-levels, and how to implement that in a meaningful, but not too deterministic and rigid manner.
  2. Madness of the male channelers.

I’ve not finished the series yet (I know, I know), so I’d appreciate not too many spoilers. Just started book 8.

Madness can be more or less easily be included as a narrative device as needed, or with the accumulation of “madness points” based on channelling, and some sort of madness progress. Not too hard perhaps.

Power-levels and the various elements used in channelling would possibly be better solved differently…

Has anyone tried this already?