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What are your favorite roles to take in a starship crew?

Granted, you have the ability to use secondary characters as needed, but generally speaking what is your favorite primary role to undertake? Why?

As for me, I’ve always preferred to play the captain, science officer, or doctor on the rare occasions I get to be a player rather than the GM. I guess because there’s something for them to do in nearly any scenario.

Captain, XO, doctor, or science officer. Those are consistently my favorite to play. Captain or XO more than any other, because I’m the pretty much the most knowledgeable player in my group on Trek, and I can support the GM and players as needed with lore.

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I tend to gravitate towards Engineering, which can be turned towards any task with sufficient techno-babble.
I rarely play as the captain as because I normally GM I prefer to kick back a bit when playing.

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I’m almost always GM’ing, so, while I’d indeed lean towards Captain for the same reasons like @Modiphius-Jim, I’d probably choose like @CountThalim.

The only character I’ve built for myself, so far, is a diplomatic attaché by their bridge role, yet serves as a (social) science officer in Starfleet. Something between Jadzia Dax and Deanna Troi, I suppose.

If I could choose a role for me right now, my mood tends towards a Security (very much modeled after Tuvok) or Operations Officer. Both could probably also serve as XO on the ship, if needed.


When I manage to play and not GM, I lean towards the helmsman or the science officer.

Of course, in my PBP game, I’m the captain, but I started out as the CSO and got promoted.

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Similarly, as someone who mainly GMs I tend to end up in a fairly senior position. My current character is the Captain, partly because I’m the most confident with the system/setting and partly because we’re playing a game set up because it was something I wanted to play.

That said, I do find myself burning out on that character a little, purely because I’m still leading a lot on sessions. My next character would probably be something a bit more technical- Engineering or Ops, or even possibly Medical. I’d like to have a technical aspect I’m good at, but equally able to chip in on other situations

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So far no one has allowed me to play my Tellerite Ships Councillor concept


Chief Engineer. Scotty was my favorite character from TOS and Trek Tech has always been interesting to me.

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I don’t have any favorite role for STA. I usually play humans, as it is easier to relate to such a character’s background.
But I have played in every role a Federation starship offers for an officer (didn’t play an NCO, yet).

Currently I play the Chief of Security and enjoy that role immensely, but that is because we do have a very engaged group of players and a very good GM.
With the right group, any role is enjoyable.


I really like the Admiral/Adjutant dynamic.

Ah, there we go!

I want to play a Klingon Ship’s Councillor!

I like to remain unobtrusive, so I would want to play pretty much anyone except the Captain or XO.

As a GM, I’ve run into too many introverts who make lousy Captains and far, far too many of those whom should be kept away from commanding anything!
So I let everyone roll up any character they choose except Captain, who is then rolled up as a group, and run by the group, with my input as necessary to relay important orders and such.