SPOILERS - LC - Decision Point


In the Living Campaign module “Decision Point” there is a cavern that contains advanced technology. So advanced in fact that I could be used to mitigate geological upheaval and move a planets location. This technology was placed there by the Tilikaal and introduces the idea of a technologically advanced species inhabiting the Shackleton Expense.

One of my players has suggested using that technology to create a site to site transporter to beam Lormeans by the bucketload to Orgun 2 from their soon to be destroyed home Orgun 3.

This certainly falls under the “Just So Crazy It Might Work” heading as clearly this technology is advanced and exceeds what the Federation has. Issues of power aside from Threat spend and complications dont really apply here so Im asking…should I let them? I can make it difficult, I can make long term in game affects of these actions and breaking the Prime Directive.

How did your crews handle this scenario?

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Its an interesting idea, for sure.

Given that the the planet is having a problem because the tech is failing, trying to make the tech seems risky to say the least. Narratively it also feels like it reduces the feeling of consequences, but it doesnt remove them completely.

If you want to let them try it, definitely seems like a timed extended task with a big range of possible complications.

My crew debated and then begrudgingly followrd the prime directive. Made it even more poiniant when they got to the finale (you want to read ahead if you havent already)

My Crew are in two minds. I’ve pulled some heartstrings and used values to make them question whether they should or shouldn’t. Both their personal values and The Prime Directive (as a mission Value) are in play.
They’re on the fence and really i do not envy them but Im not railroading them. They are currently stood in the open elevator down to the control room and the doors have swished open. That was where we left our cut-scene in the last session.

While this could be an interesting solution option, there is nothing that I see in the mission description of the machinery that it does anything other than stabilize the planet and that the machinery is failing. The planet was moved, but it is not clear by what. So transporter like technology may not even be a function of the machinery. Ultimately though, the crux of the scenario is the Prime Directive decision. Using the machinery as a solution only changes how they violate the Prime Directive and the potential consequences for them. For example, not using Starfleet technology may reduce some of the consequences.

My players enjoyed this mission and wrestling with the decision to find a resolution.

My players had the same idea.
I will not want to break transporter limits for future games so the plan was:

  • built transporter relay probes network between the two planets with Danube shuttles and their own ship the path as re-materialization post
  • built a transporter station on both end
  • add an easy identifiable item on each traveler to help transport(their backpack, to limit advanced tech exportation), and transport them several at a time in big boxes (4 interests:box pattern iin transporter, void protection in case of space materialization problem, and starting house on the other side and you can load people outside of the transport base and transport them here with trucks or shuttles)
    -Modify danube transporter to allow boxes transport in cargo setting
  • soon they will realized it’s not fast enough: add civilian ship in the mix (not Starfleet), friends of the civvies scientists already there, Vulcan Research institute (against rights to study site first) 5 extra ships and lanes were used With also five starting and ending stations
  • My chief Engineer ended with the cochrane medal (transporters & replicator)
  • all players ended with the Lemurian people medal of honor : Once per scenario you can chose between add 1 dice, re-roll a dice or ignore one complication on a social test on a pre-warp people
  • as a side note they will have to save the scientists still on the planet later as part of the “Displaced” mission