Shield use in the Dune RPG

Watching the new films, it seems like shield use is ubiquitous amongst the military. Even on Dune as long as it’s not in the open desert. The Atreides soldiers use them during their fight in Arrakeen, Sardaukar use them most of the time. There’s even a bit at the start of Dune Part 2 where the Harkonnen squad leader shouts NO SHIELDS because he knows they’re being attacked by a lasgun. So with this in mind, it feels like it’s not unusual to assume most soldiers carry one? Or is it only elite units and I am missing something? Thanks.

I think it all depends on the House in question.
A wealthy House might equip their army, a poor House might not be able to afford to.
Certain elite soldiers would have them. But the trick it to give them to soldiers you trust to use them properly.
The Harkonnen want their lads to have the best as they are otherwise not that good, so any advantage is useful. But they’d not entirely trust them not to use shields where they shouldn’t.
Atreides troops are more disciplined and can easily be trusted. But given how skilled they are in fighting they might decide they don’t need them. They can fight anyone who uses a shield just as effectively, and anyone who would have a problem attacking one of them in a shield is someone they could take out easily too! :slight_smile:

So basically I’d say its down to training, wealth and the attitude of the ruling House, but as with so many things in Dune I doubt there is a standard that applies to all Houses.