Section 31 Alternative Experience

Just in case one of your player is also a Section 31 operative.

Section 31 reputation works like Starfleet or Klingon one.
Since you’re also member of Starfleet you got both. On ordinary mission, GM can choose which positive questions to use most of the time with the higher difficulty of negative questions (since you have to maintain cover and find intel at the same time)
From time to time you got a section 31 objective in a mission that can be used as a directive. In this case you roll only with section 31

Positive questions:

  1. Was your objective fulfilled?
  2. did you managed to avoid a threat for the federation?
  3. did you gain advantage, intel, secrets, unknown tech from other people, enemies or allies?
  4. Did you put the blame of your action to an enemy of the federation?
  5. Did you used any means necessary no matter of the the cost?
  6. Is you’re cover still working?
  7. Is the Objective solved definitively? (dead, in the hands of section 31, destroyed, unable to appear again)

Negative questions

  1. Was your objective not fulfilled ?
  2. did you left incriminating clues?
  3. were you exposed as a Starfleet intelligence operative?
  4. were you exposed as a section 31 operative?
  5. did morality or Starfleet directive prevented you for doing some actions that would have been beneficial to section 31?
  6. did other players learned something about section 31 existence or plans or operatives?
  7. Did you contest a mission objective ?
  8. Did you hide information on your report?
  9. Did you have exposed other Section 31 operatives?

This is a pretty cool idea, very interesting. It makes me wonder what the questions would be for other campaigns, such as Romulans… and if Modiphius would ever put out official versions of said questions. Or perhaps a generic “template” of progression questions, that could be adapted to non-SF or KDF campaigns.

I can not confirm or deny why I have made these questions. But yes the idea of having a section 31 “good guy” in your group is interesting.Of course the caring, empath betazoid ship counselor that everybody think is just another Diana Troi, can be also a section 31 telepath operative that knows all people problems.

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