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Rules Clarification - Multiple Things

It’s on page 110, for anyone following along at home.

At any rate: You are correct, the last sentence does not make any sense. I think everything after “… Standard Action to move to a point within Long range.” is an editing error.

I don’t have my books with me but doesn’t that mean all tasks attempted receive a +1 increase in difficulty during the round the long range move was made? There are ways to have more than one action in a round.

Yes. Exactly that is what is referenced. See in the core book the paragraph to the Sprint action, which is the action that allows you to move to Long distance:

The character may move to any point in Long range. Sprinting takes up a lot of the character’s attention and prevents concentration on other matters, increasing the Difficulty of all skill tests attempted until the start of the next turn, with the exception of tests made for the Defense Reaction. This is a Movement Action.

You can perform other actions that require a Skill test - as a Minor Action or as a second Standard Action (for 2 Momentum Swift Attack or for 1 Fortune).
Those Actions - but not the Defense Reactions - have +1 Difficulty until the start of the next turn.

That’s some pretty terrible wording, then.

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Not the first, not the last - and not only in Conan 2d20.

One thing I’m working on is a rules summary in word with bookmark links in all the terms. For example “[the winner of the Ambush struggle reduces the difficulty of the] Exploit Action by one step.” You click Exploit and it takes you to the Exploit section, and from there you can click to the Penetrate quality, and so on.