Range, Speed, and Type of Federation Probes

What is the range of a Starfleet launched probe in starship combat zones? How fast can it move in zones? Finally, besides sensor probes; what about reconfiguring a probe as a jamming or decoy probe?

In terms of zone travel, probes are shown to be warp capable, or at the very least incredibly fast even as subwarp capabilities, so if you don’t feel like being able to reach any point of the map is feasible for a probe, you could have it be able to move 2 zones per Round of Combat.

As for a jamming probe, I suppose a standard Engineering based Task to ‘Create an Advantage’ on the probe before launch could work, and have the probe act as the centre point for determining Difficulties as opposed to the PC starship in terms of Distance.

As for a decoy probe, a similar Engineering (or maybe even Security based) Task for Creating an Advantage. You could give the players the choice of setting the difficulty that they need to suceed to make the probe force the opponent to make an equivalent difficulty check with their sensors to tell that the probe is a decoy without attacking it.