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Questions about ruling and official answers


Who is in charge now to answer questions about rulings? Or where should I write them expecting an official answer? Forum, email, facebook…


I have no other idea.

With James no longer with us, development of the line has been fully absorbed by our in house team.

They worked with James to playtest and round out the rules releases already, so you are in safe hands with them.

At present, the best place to put errata/FAQ questions is in the thread here: Wave 4 onwards FAQ and Errata Thread - #38 by pillbox

Jason and the team monitor that thread and will add questions to their work as they are able to.

We’ll likely close that one and replace at the end of wave 5 as we move into Commonwealth.

Hope that helps.


how do i find out about running organized play and becoming a gamemaster?

Running events it easy, you just do it.

However, if you want support, please email as we have a package of prize support that will be rolling out in the near future.

To sign up for the Vault Dwellers, you will need to fill out the online forms, but add a note to the support email and note that you would like to know more and Jason who looks after the team should be in touch.