Picking up the Veteran Talent?

What I wrote could still still be understood to mean exactly what I intended it to mean, but despite your claim that you weren’t trying to start an argument, your arguments show quite the opposite.

Gentlemen, please drop it.

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Googles it

First return:


Second return.
By Merriam-Webster themselves… Military.

shrugs Not sure what dictionary’s you use, but your ‘gotcha’ doesn’t quite hold up. I mean Merriam Webster puts the military context first.

I didn’t say it was a universal construct. I pointed out that yes. --for me-- it came first.

And yes – in context-- talking about a game set in the military who’s every character is a commissioned officer or enlisted person that in context it would be too.

Jean Luc took over ownership of the family vinard after his brother and nephew burned to death in 2371, it’s mentioned in Generations. He doesn’t toil in the fields all that much and has a foreman ‘running’ it, but he ‘has’ it. It comes up in later novels when he and Beverly have a child as well. The child is named after Robert. (Path’s of Disharmony)

It doesn’t say at the time but Picard was likely a science track grad. He was interested in Archeology in the Academy and his first postings were in the sciences (I -think-) It wasn’t till he went to Conn that he took on the ‘command’ track as an LTjg or LT. But he -was- well known for being brash as a teen.

And again. That you meant it that way is fine. As you wrote it. But you cannot FORCE me to use that as an instant mental image descriptor for the guy. Which was my overall point if you go way back up thread. You can’t tell other people how to perceive people.

My secondary point was addressed to another when it was put forth that the term should ‘exclusively’ refer to something else, when in context, in a military setting, speaking about a military officer, and commander of a starship, a -Captain-, whom has had decades in a standing military… you’d have to bend pretty far to jump over -that- usage to hit the second.

Yes. Both fit. I’ve said so many times, but for the secondary usage to fit "More’ for a setting, that dictates otherwise, I’m not out of line.

In short when you’re talking about a ship captain in the military for literal decades, to imply that veteran NOT be used in a military sense takes a bit of effort. I.E. isn’t going to be the natural default.

I understand how you are using it. I may have personally named it something else to avoid just this sort of thing, but, I didn’t write the book. :slight_smile: I find the book very very nice for the most part and rather love it. For many reasons. I got the core book and in under 2 weeks had bought every single one Modiphius had produced to date. :slight_smile: I’m salivating waiting for the Science book, and Alpha and Gamma quad books.

I’m not trying to rag on it or anything. in fact I was praising YOU when I chimed in. lol

Sorry. Was typing and what not when you posted. Didn’t see it till after I’d hit send.

I’ll drop it.

Thank you.

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Allow me just one comment on the whole above debate as there is one perspective on the Veteran that have slipped through a bit unnoticed:

  • usually when we think of veterans, we tend to think of someone with a lot of experience under his belt in a pretty narrow field (like those “car sales veteran” or even “war veteran” expressions used in the debate), however when looking into from a different angle, such approach would only mean someone is indeed only “a very deep specialist”
  • meanwhile both Picard and Miles have both field experience and knowledge in multiple fields across at least two divisions each one of them, that allows them to (intuitively) tap on much deeper wisdom. So essentially in such meaning the veteran is not someone who has been around for a long, but has circled around as well (think of the manager rotation system in the large companies where the career is not just up, but across different functions and divisions, so when ending up in a key leader role one has a pretty good idea what each function is for)

I do not know if that was intentional, but I really like to think of the Star Trek veterans in the second perspective, the very core of the system suggests everyone advances in all fields (just in a different pace in each of them and with an array of specializations), so a veteran is someone who has not only mastered several different fields (focuses in game), but is also able to grasp how all divisions / departments work together in a greater synergy and taping into such knowledge gaining deeper wisdom. This perfectly fits onto both Picard and Miles as well as Sisko on the end of DS9.

P.S. I like the thought about Starfleet being a paramilitary, as a real life sample of such organization please allow me to point towards the a sister company of my own employer, a merchant fleet with 850+ ships, ranks, departments and units and without a single gun :wink:

With respect, the United States Coast Guard is under the Department of Homeland Security, but it is most certainly, part of the US military.