New Reputation system insert sheet questions

I’m am immediately confused as to how I should use this new system. Is it a complete overhaul or should I simply replace the influence table?
If so I run into a conflict right off the bat. According to the core rules a new character begins with a reputation of 10, well the new chart only goes up to 5 so where should a new character start? 2.5?

Also once I’ve tallied the results for positive and negative influences post mission, do I still make the d20 rolls or do I just apply the results to the character’s existing reputation?

I honestly welcome this new approach to reputation but I must admit if it is intended as an insert for the original core rulebook, the document provided feels incomplete.

Please help.

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The rules are in the Klingon PDF. The additional sheet is just how to adapt those rules in the Klingon book for a Starfleet crew. Sorry for the confusion.

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The way the raputation table in the klingon book looks its meant to be “start with rpeutaion 3”

I thought I read something about rolling the d20 with 7+(reputation right now) as value.
I think that was also inn the klingon book, but can be translated for the fed side quite easily.

So if I understand correctly, in order to use the new reputation system with a Starfleet crew, one has to have both core books AND this insert sheet?

If that is the case, things might start to get confusing if I have to have all three documents opened simultaneously to make sense of it.

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If you want to use the new rep system to replace the one in the Starfleet core, you’d want the Klingon book and the insert sheet. You wouldn’t need to reference the rep system in the core book if you’re replacing it.

If I may suggest. Perhaps an insert sheet designed to supplement the core book that is being used for the given campaign might be a better fit?

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It would indeed be very nice to expand the Federation “DLC” sheet with the complete reputation system rules and give it to those who already own the STA Core Book. It really is much better than the old system and everyone should have access to it. :slight_smile:

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