New Player - Combatquestion

Hi Gamers,

I know, I‘ m late to the party, but I want to try the Conan Rpg and I‘ m struggling with two Combat questions. I didn‘ t find answers here or in YouTube, so if I missed them: mes culpa;

  • You attack with the melee skill, which is Agility + Melee Ex = TN.
  • You can choose to defend with the Parry skill, which is Coordination + Parry = TN. Costs one doom and it becomes a struggle between the PC and the NPC.

So far, I get it. Now my 2 questions:

1st - In the example in the Corebook page 131 it is written, that: the Child of Set attacks Athala. Athala decides to defend.

Why ist the struggle between the „Coordination + Combat Field“ of the the Child of Set and the Parry TN of Athala? Shouldn‘t it been between the „Agility + Combat“ of the Child of Set (because it is attacking) and the Parry TN of Athala?

2nd - The Encounters in the Corebook don‘t have Melee/Parry. They habe Combat instead. Do I get it right, that they Attack (in Melee) with „Agility + Combat“ and defend with „Coordination + Combat“
(I know the question is connected to my first question.)

Thanks a lot for the help!


I would say there is a mistake in the example. For a bite attack (what is a form of melee) the Child of Set should use Agility + Combat. Then the calculation in the example is also correct, giving the Child of Set TN 11. If you look up the Child of Set in the corebook page 334 you see that it has Agility 10 and Combat 1.
It has Coordination 11 tho, using that it would have had TN 12. For that reason I assume there was just a mistake and Coordination has to be replaced with Agility in this example.

It is indeed correct. The Combat field of expertise for the NSC is used for both defending and attacking and so it is then used with the appropriate attribute for each action (Agility as an attack and Coordination as a parry).

Thank you! I