Learning new sorcery spells

The Monolith sourcebook also offers the possibility of learning spells from books, grimoires etc. and how to go about it as an alternative for learning from a patron.

How much would the talent, “Beyond Madness and Sanity” from page 75 of the book of Skelos cost? Not sure if it counts as being in its own talent tree or the sorcery talent tree or even the discipline talent tree.

The book actually lists the xp cost for that talent. It is 800.

Remember most people in Hyborea are ignorant savages by our standards and so something that seems mundane to us like acid or flash powder could be a deeply disturbing experience with religious or supernatural overtones.

Even someone like Sherlock Holmes would be a wizard. You don’t need more than chicanery and alchemy to be a “wizard.” Even Animal handling talents would look magical. Faithful Companion and a wolf or Panther ( stats adjusted for balance) would also look and be magic for all intents and purposes.

This isn’t a game of magic missile and fireball. Making a PC magic user at level one usually results in a very focussed and handicapped character.
There are no classes in Conan, the only thing stopping an axe wielding barbarian from learning a spell is fear and finding a Patron. And experience points.