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FRIDAY'S FORGOTTEN FIENDS! New custom monsters! Essence of Beyond!

FRIDAY and a new custom monster! D&D 5e and Conan 2d20 Statblocks with a VTT Token and paper miniatures!

That Doom spend though… With 3 Doom it can split into 8 equal sized Essences?

Whoops, my calculation was incorrect, but still, pretty cheap to split up.

It’s a flavored version of bringing in a minion for a point of doom. (Core 305)

Could be fun. The trouble with tribbles…

I would recommend to have everything up until now and in the future in single thread, you are pumping out monsters and search function is not that helpful sometimes :slight_smile:

That is why everything is indexed here:

Wow, I didn’t know this Index. I have been using the tags…

I take it that this is a Horror that can be summoned?

Well. I didn’t see it that way, more like a residual bonding between dark magics and the remains of humanity, either the sorcerer or their victims.

However. Since it’s home brew, you can feel free to do with it as you please. :smiley:

Hmmm. There is a series of links across the top of the pages that link to various indexes

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