Do Players Need to Make Initiative Checks?

Did I miss the part that explains how players roll for initiative? I’ve seen it referenced in Talents, but I haven’t been making players roll or anything. Am I missing something?

When talents reference initiative it is with regard to the players keeping the initiative (so another player will follow your turn rather than an enemy as is normally the case). Typically a player of the group’s choosing gets to activate first. Edit: page 163 says:
“Unless there are any reasons for an NPC to take the first Turn, the Gamemaster chooses a single Player Character to start the combat. This may be obvious, based on events that occurred prior to the start of combat, but if there is any uncertainty (such as multiple characters who could all justifiably act first), select the Player Character with the highest Daring to take the first Turn.”
You might read the whole page 163 though, just to get a better idea of how it works.