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Contest Question

In the section on Contests, it notes how the one resisting (the defender) makes their roll to set the stakes/difficulty of the Test for the aggressor/attacker. It also says in the External Factors section there that if there are Traits that make it harder for the defender, then those get subtracted from their successes rolled. It says nothing about how positive Traits affect this, inferring that the defender’s positive Traits are moot for setting the stakes. Is this correct?

Also, is it always specifically the defender or is it the NPC that is always setting stakes for the PC in Contests?

@Modiphius-Nathan answered that one on Discord:

In a contest, a trait that benefits one side hinders the other (for simplicity’s sake). If the defender has a positive truth, that increases the difficulty for the attacker. If the attacker has a positive truth, it reduces the difficulty the attacker needs to beat.
Defender rolls, number of successes (modified by applicable truths) is the difficulty the attacker needs to beat.

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