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Confirming Movement Roll

Kaor fellow Jasoomians

Under the Movement rules there states that sometimes a roll oughta accompany a move. Some examples of attributes are given, for instance Daring. Are these “one Attribute” rolls or just one of the usual “Attribute plus Attribute” pairing? Just double checking I’ve got it right.


doubles - I think - but the second is negotiable. Daring is always good for crossing hazards.

A double daring, tho’ also makes perfect sense… Daring+Daring - for some terrains. Like hopscotch across rocks in a river of acid…

kaor Aramis,

Can one repeat roll the same attribute?

R u the same Aramis from way back when in FFG?

No, I don’t think that this is possible. All tests in JCoM are Attribute Tests and always use two atrributes and not just one attribute. If you have to make a Daring test one of the attributes used in this test must be Daring. The other attribute however cannot be Daring.

Yep. And several other RPG sites.

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@Caranfang It doesn’t actually specify either direction.

Wrong. See page 47 in the rulebook:

Two attributes and not one attribute.

Kaor, RCautela,

Carafang has it right. All tests in John Carter of Mars are Attribute Tests and always use two Atrributes and not just one. While the primary Attribute for a Movement test has to be Daring, the second Attribute can be anything the player decides fits the situation. Might or Reason, the examples provided, are the common sense ones, but I could see Cunning for moving cautiously or stealthily, Empathy if the player character has an awareness about terrain such as this, and even Passion if the player character was someone who liked climbing as a hobby. :slight_smile:

Hope that clarifies the situation a bit more for you.


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Yr confirmation of what I thought was, is very welcomed indeed!