A question about technology

Is there any information on the issue of artificial gravity inside the Hiigaran vessels? Was that peculiar technology retro-engineered from the Khar-Toba’s wreckage or are the crews of Mothership and Fleet relying on special rotating compartments for a substitute (just like the Earth Alliance in Babylon 5)?

Some (very few) ships have rotating compartments, but the majority does not. So I assume there has to be some kind of artificial gravity besides those generated by acceleration or rotation.

Deserts of Karak, featured gravicallly levitated land ships, they have mastery over gravity to generate it in their ships.

Or they figured out how to technologically cancel the effects of living in freefall.

You might even look at the way the fighters move and de-/accelerate. The seems to be some kind of artificial gravity, since they do not turn to break with the main engines.